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OWN: Online Writers Notebook

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What can I do now?  I know!  I can write in my own writer's notebook online!

Go here and save a copy of your own: My Online Writing Notebook  (log in and make a copy).

Then, here are some great writing topics and activities for you:

1. Read a blog from another site from the list here: Blogs
Write your own ideas in your OWN online notebook. Use the "How To Comment" information at the top of the page to write a good notebook entry.

2. Write a powerful paragraph on a topic of your choice in your online notebook. Fill it with action and details. How? Click here. or here. or here.

3. Need some writing prompts? Check out these ideas!
4. Stuck with Writers Block? Try Lightning Bug Ideas.

5. Writing a story? Here's a plan. You can write a slide for each idea to help you plan your story for writing class.

4. Poetry Ideas
5. Want some online interactives to help you with ideas? Check out these activities. You can search by grade level and category. Try to print them out if possible to bring to class.

6. Guides to Good Grammar

7. Five Cards Story: Choose 5 images and write a story to fit them. Directions

Monthly Ideas


Read about Rosa Parks. Write a blog or notebook entry about your ideas -- how did she stand up for something? What did she stand up for? Have you ever stood up for something?

View a slideshow about Martin Luther King. What image strikes you? Why? Explain in a blog or in your notebook.

Watch the Struggle for Equality video.  Write a blog or notebook entry about your ideas. What could you do?

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