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Owhi Lessons

Writing Classes 8 7 6 5

Write with style and word choice (strong verbs: amble, rattle, swerve, dive; specific adjectives/nouns: black bear, Ponderosa pine, sparkling water, tall bunch grass)

Organize for best information with connected sentences and elaboration (imagery of sights and sounds; 5W's: who, what, when, where, why).

Plan design for presentation.

Topic: Owhi Lake

Goal 1: Write organized and elaborated paragraphs with style and word choice. Edit the paragraphs.

Goal 2: Create a broster/T-shirt design using elements of design and layout and reflecting the paragraphs about Owhi Lake.

Create lists of specific nouns and vivid verbs about Owhi Lake (Word Choice/Ideas). √
Discuss model draft of Owhi Lake paragraphs (Organized, Word choice, Elaborated). √
Use the lists to draft at least two paragraphs about Owhi Lake: √
* Decide organization style √
* Determine appropriate elaboration √
* Write with nifty nouns and vivid verbs √
* Determine visual choices from paragraphs √
* View models of design and layout √
* Review last year’s designs considering the elements of design for those designs and for the new designs this year √
* Draft design (scraps of paper) √
* Create design (see rules specific to this year’s project) √

* Edit Paragraph practice √
* Revise paragraph for more detail:
  • Copy your paragraph from this page (Choose your grade; Grade 5 choose here)
  • Create a new document (doc** or wiki) and paste your paragraph; draft our second paragraph ( Grade 5 choose here)
  • Revise for more detail: connected organization, description, figurative language, specific nouns and vivid verbs
  • Use your own rubric as you revise (sample page) -- log in to find this  page (login) and rename
* Edit
* Evaluate your paragraphs using your rubric sheet (this  page --login or on your wiki page)
  • Rate each category (organization, elaboration, word choice)
  • Explain each rating with evidence from your rubric and your paragraphs

* Add your image (Click from the slideshow) to your document or wiki
* Notify your teacher: Add a link to your doc or wiki in Edmodo Assignment.

** Remember to share with shee42
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