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Heritage Research

Choose your research project:

Native American Interviews

As a way for you to personalize immigration stories, you are encouraged to learn about the countries or areas/tribal lands from which your family emigrated or were transplanted.

Prior to starting this project, plan with a classmate which aspects of their immigration/transplant you would like to research and why, how you plan to conduct and organize your research, and how you plan to search through sources efficiently for relevant information.

Then, as a team or group of teams, collaboratively generate meaningful interview questions that will generate the information you need.

Interview three family members (or family friends) from different generations for this project, asking ten questions about significant aspects of their respective childhoods and life growing up.

The purpose of this project is to get perspectives from different generations within one family to show how we are shaped by the experiences we have and by the people we encounter.

Your essay/multimedia project should be logically ordered with at least three quotations from each family member interviewed. Edit your work for the grammar conventions studied so far this year (see Standards for more details) and upload it to your class web page to facilitate sharing with family members far away. Include photographs or other artifacts. (RI.6.3, RI.6.7; L.6.1a,b,c,d; L.6.2a, L.6.2b)

BitStrips  Google Presentation      Brochure/Report Tool

Immigrant Countries

Conduct research on one of the countries you have read about in this unit (from which an immigrant left), drawing on several sources (e.g., print, digital, video, multimedia, etc.).

You may have the opportunity to work collaboratively with a partner through the entire research process: sharing ideas; formulating research questions; planning the research; conducting the research; evaluating the credibility and relevance of the information; and, finally, synthesizing the information and reporting your findings in a report or brochure.

Type a report or create a travel brochure. Be sure to follow the format provided by your teacher for citing the sources used in your research. For the travel brochure, what should visitors learn that would increase understanding of that country’s heritage?

Work with peers to get feedback and improve your report or brochure and publish using publishing software.

Travel Brochure Rubric   Setting Research  Brochure/Report Tool

Details for Travel Brochure (discuss with teacher)

An optional extension is to present your findings as a multimedia presentation (e.g., digital slides or video) (W.6.7, RI.6.7, RI.6.9)