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Heritage Project

Embracing Heritage

How does heritage define us individually and as a nation?

What do we bring to our American culture? What has our heritage brought to our American culture? From the past to the present, what does our heritage bring to our character, as a person and as a nation?

Let's find out.

You have choices in discovery:

  • Your heritage as a Native American
  • Your heritage as an immigrant, if applicable
  • A study of Native American or Immigrant heritage of others
Your goal:

Create a project the accurate facts, argument, and images of which meet these standards and answer the question:

How does heritage define us individually and as a nation?

Due Date: 9/25/12

Your artifacts will be:

Note: these may change as we develop and fine-tune this project together.

Argumentative Essay
Daily Log
Two optional activities
Images/Media to accompany essay and optional activities

Optional Activities:
Travel Brochure
News Article

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