Embracing Heritage

How does heritage define us individually and as a nation?

Links for Research

Here are some places to start your research

Heritage Texts

The Best Websites To Teach & Learn About African-American History

The Best Sites For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

The Best Websites To Learn About The Hmong

The Best Resources For Hispanic Heritage Month

The Best Sites For Learning About Cesar Chavez

Chinese Immigrant Stories

Ellis Island

Ellis Island Photos

Ellis Island Tour

Ellis Island Scholastic

Ellis Island First Immigrant

Ellis Island NPS


Pearl S Buck: On Discovering America
  • How did Americans view immigrants in the 1930s, and how did the media portray them?
  • How does Pearl Buck's essay portray immigration and its role in the history of the United States?

Immigration Research Center

Native American Story on PBS

Native Americans in the Library of Congress

Digital History: Native Americans

Native Voices: Audio Biographies

Native Americans in the Military

Native American Author Biographies

Native Americans and the Revolution

Digital History -- various

Native American Sites

Native American Census 2000

US Census Bureau Map

WSU Articles on Northwest History, including Native Americans

National Museum Multimedia

Current Recognition of Native American Contributions

Search List WSU Native American biographies

Washington Tribes Today

Genealogy Biography Site

The Best Sites for Native American Folklore and Other Tales

Michigan Native American Biographies

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