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Writing is hard fun. ~ Donald Murray

Welcome our writing class.

Join us in puzzling through the process of writing well. Dare to delve into your thoughts and learning, and share those ideas with others.
Each day students will write.  Each day they will practice a skill in the writing process and in the six  traits of good writing.

A note about Writing and Learning: Writing and Learning

Most parents are concerned with spelling errors in their child's writing. While we write, we circle any words we think we may have misspelled so we can look them up later for the final draft.  For spelling activities, here are some links:

Spelling Games and Activities

Our School Links:
Spelling City:
Go to "Find a List" and search by teacher for "Sheri Edwards"
Current List: i before e

Other Practice Activities

The Suffix/Prefix Word Maker:    (Site may not work any more)

Type words:
Easy Suffixes

Maggies Earth Adventure: Match prefix/suffix meanings:

Fish Tank:

Click on Grade 5-6 and then on Fish Tank or Try:

You may also want to try: Space Station which teaches syllabication (syllables: syl-la-bles) 

Make Words/Check Sense:

Note: If you go to the home page and conduct a search for a topic (like prefix or suffix), other activities appear.

Grammar Practice

You may also be interested in Grammar Practice. 


Diagramming Sentences: Parts of Speech 

If you have any questions, please contact me:

Ms. Edwards 634 4541 x34

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