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Welcome to Our Class Web Pages

An effective public education system develops students who are globally aware, civically engaged, and capable of managing their lives and careers. Students need to be proficient users of information, media, and technology to succeed in a digital world.

Blogs, wikis, google docs and sites, and nings are electronic resources, all powerful and compelling means for students to learn core subjects and applied skills in relevant and rigorous ways. The goal is to provide students and staff with rich and ample opportunities to use technology for important purposes in schools, just as individuals in workplaces and other real-life settings. Educators and students can communicate, learn, share, collaborate and create; they learn to think and solve problems, to manage their work, and to take ownership of their lives.

Our online educational network is part of a strong electronic educational system that supports innovative teaching and learning.

Please join us in our journey to learning writing skills and responsible participation in the world of the web.

Thank you.

Adapted from OSPI Policy Suggestions

Our class educational network provides us the opportunity to practice and plan for entering the online world as 21st Century citizens as well as inform the community of our programs and work. 

The information here has been created by staff, other educators, and others, with credit provided as needed. Since there are some general guidelines for being able to add to student sites, we know that following the guidelines will enhance our learning process. Remember to contact any technology specialist to help you with any problems or concerns regarding your computer as we have no control over settings or other changes if you download to your computer.

Additional Information: If any inappropriate content is found on these sites, it will be removed. Please notify Ms. Edwards of any such content.   We have made every reasonable effort to insure that our web pages are educationally sound and do not contain any links to questionable material or anything that can be deemed inappropriate. No endorsement of any third party products, services, or positions is expressed or implied by any information, material or content referred to or included on, or linked from or to this Website.

Our links will take you to selected sites on the World Wide Web. While we have reviewed these sites, be aware that Web sites do change, often very frequently. Please review the content of each site before allowing your students to visit.

We work hard to make sure our links are current and appropriate for children. However, if you find any problems with our Web sites please report the information to: Ms. Edwards sedwards@nsdeagles.org

Ms. Edwards