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eracism process

Broad Goal for Week:

Understanding the fundamentals of debate, fact based discourse, research, and oral presentation skills while incorporating all types of intelligence.

Essential Question or Objective for Lesson:

What are the basic elements of debate (analysis, evidence, argument, setting) and the four characteristics of a debater as a speaker (clarity of presentation, conversational tone, posture and gestures, and dress)

Day 1

The Debate:
Do Differences make us stronger?

The Debate Location

The Original Concept: High School Students in Doho, Qatar, 2009

The Protocol

Day 2

Debate Info:

Introduction to debate

Finish sample video debates

Student Samples here.


List as many differences that may affect/influence others as possible.

List places (geographical or ideological) where differences may affect or be affected.

Who is "us"?

Homework Interviews:
Do differences make us stronger?  Yes or No   --- Explain with specifics.

Day 3, 4, 5


Arguments Intro


Argument Planning

Listen to the podcast example.  Continue ideas:

For each side of the argument:
Share for one minute each with a partner.  Write the best argument/evidence on a sticky note with the person's name and place it on the appropriate Pro/Con chart. Repeat one more time with a new partner.  

If time --- use these to finalize best arguments:

Quick debate with partner.  Did you have enough examples and evidence?  Review BEARS from last year.

Research for Days 3, 4, 5:
Discover evidence to add to your organizers.



Try this VoiceThread: Our school should ban sugar drinks.
If time, practice:

After the Debate

Student reflection here.

Image Source:

See Footnotes.


Day 3: ARE Arguments from:

Middle School Public Debate Program - a model

The MIddle School Public Debate Program is the largest middle school debating program in the world. The program was conceived, designed, and is administered by Kate Shuster and John Meany at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont California. Some of the materials below come from the MSPDP website, others come from Speak Out! Debate and Public Speaking in the Middle Grades, by Kate Shuster & John Meany, IDEA Press 2005. I have been coaching debate in this
program for five years.

Graphic Organizers are adapted from on the work of Jim Burke, English Companion.

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