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Awards Essay Outline

Awards Essays (4 Total)

Expository Essays 1 and 2
Choose the first person you will research.

Research: Research using your content textbook, encyclopedias, and the Internet (use google search terms  --- site:edu; site:gov) to find information about:
* Important contributions by this person to the world
* Childhood events that helped shape the person’s future choices (what may have made him/her do the things s/he did as an adult)
* Other people’s opinions of the person
* Quotes by the person
* Description of the person (character sketch)

Reflection: After finding this information, add your ideas:
* Gist statement summarizing the person’s traits and his accomplishments (What kind of person was s/he? What did s/he do to help the world?)
* Invent or borrow a motto the person may have lived by based on your research
* Suggest a song that the person may have liked
* Write a character sketch of the person (physical and personality) to include childhood and adult events

Draft: After your reflection, write your essay, which should include:
Title:   Motto

Introduce person with your character sketch.
Introduce your gist statement.

Paragraph 1:
Explain the main message of your research (what did you learn about your person’s life -- What is his/her significant contribution to the world? How did his/her childhood influence his/her adult choices?). Tie the motto to the information in this paragraph.

Paragraph 2:
Explain another example about the main message and the motto.  Provide the example of the song, and explain how the song represents this message about your person. Use the words from the song and the details from the person’s life and own quotes to elaborate on the main message.

Paragraph 3/Conclusion
Summarize your ideas about this person -- tie in the character sketch with your other ideas.

Final statement: Ask a question that causes your readers to reflect on your ideas; include ideas from the person’s life and the motto or song you chose.

Repeat for your second person.

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