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Writing 7


What is a zine?

A zine is a self-published magazine, not for profit, but for sharing ideas with others. What ideas? A zine can be for information, humor, reflection, parody, satire, inspiration. All shapes and sizes, zines can be found in many places and bookstores for just a dollar or two to defray the cost of copying. They can be typed, glued, hand-scrawled, or typed. They can be information, comics, poetry, reviews, doodles, bits and pieces. They are your passion, your humor, your reflection, your inspiration, your favorites. Zines demonstrate the essence of independent publishing.

What's in a zine?

"What kind of stuff will be in your zine? Obviously, before you start actually making up pages you need to have some idea what you're going to put on them. Start collecting clipped stuff, pictures, notes on things you want to write. You can do your zine about anything -- it can be interviews with bands or just friends, articles on things you like, recipes -- anything at all! You can do a zine of just poetry, or drawings, or comics. Your zine can be about any subject you want (or all the subjects you want). Once you've decided what you're going to put in your zine, start working on it -- it's a lot easier to do a zine with a bunch of work you've already finished than to try and do one from scratch." From ActionGirlOnline

"Gather materials which may include not only your work, but that of your neighbors, friends, your neighbors' friends etc. This is your chance to make and feature your culture. Those doodles, homework assignments, scraps of paper, lists, and found art are just a few possibilities for content. Nearly all acts of communication can be zine-worthy." From Do It Green Minnesota

How do I make one?

Click here for different ways to make one; we're making the stapleless six-pages on one paper zine.

Zine History

Samples from history:

Shipyard Workers during WWII  More here.

Duke University Zine History

Sample Zine: Tanning Hides

Zine History Links

For ideas, content, and howtos: Bookmarks

BEARS Practice

Take your turn to add an example relevant to the prompt on the following pages.

Introduction/Conclusion Practice

Assignment 1: Practice writing introductions after rating the body of the essay for Content, Organization, and Style.

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Listen to and read the directions.

The Cove 1

The Cove 2

The Cove 3

The Cove 4

The Cove 5

The Cove 6

Assignment 2: Practice writing conclusions after rating the introductions of the essay for Content, Organization, and Style.  Use the same directions and essays as above.

Persuasive Practice

Review: Click here.
Assignment: Click here.



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Current Projects

Persuasive Writing

Introduction to Persuasive Writing -- see slides 1-8

Persuasive Strategies (BEARS)    Quiz

Thesis Statements

Writing Introductions

Sample Essay

What Do You Think?

Read these two blogs: What do you think?  What would you suggest?

A Blog About Persuasive Writing in 21st Century English Class

A Blog About Persuasive Writing in 20th Century English Class

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Past Projects

W7 Math Document November 12 Log in required 

Voice Thread Math: A Story


Draft Documents Requirements

W76 Requirements 0910

Genre Information: the kinds of writing you need to write

Grammar Packet 1 I: Complete in class (Extra credit if completed by 10/22)

Grammar Packet 2 I: Complete in class (Extra credit if completed by 12/14)

Writing Process Evaluation

Cover Letter for Final Drafts (Sample)


Grade 7 Practice Topics

Sentence Fluency



Grammar Packet 1 (Partner Directions): Complete in class

Past Projects

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