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In our learning communities, it is important to keep track of our shared knowledge, understandings, and information.  In order to communicate these aspects of our learning community for a wider audience, we will be publishing a weekly newsletter to share with the larger community. 


Each week, a group of three students will be assigned the task of editors of the weekly class newsletter. These editors will be responsible for gathering, organizing, and synthesizing the following information:

  • The editors will design a poll for the class based on shared readings, news items, kid topics, or events in the class or school or local community.  They will get responses using Google Forms.
  • The editors will keep track of daily assignments, learning objectives, and new information for the week.
  • The editors will choose the genres of the newsletter: traditional newsletter, poetry, crossword puzzle: the more creative the better.  The newsletter must be publishable via Google Docs, but otherwise, the genre is in the hands of the editorial team.
On Friday, the editors will share their newsletter with the class and it will be published as  a web page in order to inform the wider community what is happening with the class.

Editor Teams: