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Writing 5

Please see our Math Writing Work here.


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Paragraph Strategies

Questioning: What would the reader ask?

Owhi Lake Revisions

Voice Thread (need paragraphs first)

2010 Practice Links


W5 Nice Friends shee

w5 nice friends ania

W5 Nice Friends rista

W5 nice friends Quill

W5 Nice Friends kimy

W5 nice friends loudy

W5 nice friends rocke71

w5 nice friends jane

w5 nice friends tiger

w5 ryal nice

w5 sager nice

w5 vinick nice

w5 nice freinds rater







Math Reading and Writing

Olympic Winners Graph (does not work at school)

2/22/2010 Math Reflection:

When reading a graph, what do you need to know? How will you know if the graph is a fairly explaining the information?


When I read a graph, I need to. know……

I will know if the graphs are explaining the information fairly if....

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Weekly Reflection
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Genre Prompts for Grade 5 (Choose your own writing project)