Peer Review

Peer Review -- Stars and Wishes

Writers share and show each other what they've done.  They talk about what works and what doesn't.  That's what this process of Peer Review (Stars and Wishes) is. 

Remember: Be kind.  As writers, we depend on each other for honest thoughts about our ideas -- and we say what we think in positive ways.  We share because it helps us grow as writers when we know what our "readers" "see" in our writing.  

Our process:

1. Leave your text on your desk or open on your computer. Leave a piece of paper by your text on your desk or computer (unless you have comments on the computer).

2. Take a pencil.

3. Each person walks to another person's desk/computer so each person has a different text to read.

4. Read the text one time just to enjoy it.

5. Then, read the text again. Leave a comment on the paper or computer comment area to:

5a. Write one star*: what catches your eye, your ear, and your heart?
Quote the part you liked and tell why.

5b. Write one wish*: if something is missing, let the author know-- an ideas for a beginning? for an ending? to reorganize? to add action? a question? setting? voice? verbs? accuracy?
Quote the part you question and tell why-- make a suggestion.

6. Repeat steps 4-5b: Read at least one other text and leave Star/Wish comments there.

 * You may be asked to leave two stars and two wishes; listen.


Authors: Your Turn

Read your wishes and stars. Your decisions on what you add, change, rearrange, delete is your decision, but do listen to what your peers explain to you.

What did your readers say that might help you make your writing better?  Why?

What did your readers say that you won't use to change your writing?  Why?