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W76 Requirements

Writing Requirements Grades 7 and 6


Use the writing process and six traits of writing to publish in different genres according to audience/purpose.

At the end of each week, turn in

    a draft paper on a topic/genre of your choice

    a draft paper on a second topic/genre of your choice

    a final draft of one of those papers


Note: each draft is one page if typed; two pages if handwritten.


Your drafts will include:


  • A Title that explains your topic and grabs the reader
  • Three paragraphs that include
    •     a topic sentence
    •     and supporting details
    •     different lengths of sentences
    •     different beginnings in sentences
    •     concluding sentence
  • Each paragraph includes and is marked with a symbol to identify:
    •     transition words (in paragraph and at beginning of paragraph) T
    •     six (6) strong verbs  VV
    •     precise nouns  NN
    •     prepositional phrases  (underlined)
    •     alliteration/consonance  ~ (wavy underline)
    •     two instances of figurative language:
      • simile, metaphor √
      • personification, imagery, or onomatopoeia  √ 
  • The paper is edited for
    •     paragraphing
    •     spelling
    •     punctuation
    •     capitalization
    •     grammar
    •     neatness
    •     format
    •     margins


Write a cover letter once a month for your best final paper that explains:

  • How you chose your topic
  • How you prewrote your ideas
  • What you revised and the strategy you used
  • What you did well
  • What you need to improve on
  • Your goal and plan to improve   


Staple your papers together in this order:

  • Top:Cover letter
  • Next: Final Draft
  • Next: First Draft
  • Last: Any prewriting