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W6 Project Log


Follow the writing process using the Six Traits of Writing to create memoirs for a chosen audience and purpose.

Transform those memoirs into a realistic fiction story.

Narrative of meaningful events
Feature articles based on peer interviews
Object memoir

Develop ideas
Elaborate ideas.
Revise ideas, word choice, and voice for audience and purpose.
Organize for best flow (lead, body, transitions, sentence variety, conclusion)
Feedback from teacher, peers, mentors.
Revise and reflect on process and product.
Edit for clarity.
Reflect on process and product.


BioPoem and Revision --develop ideas and elaborate  9/11-10/1

Models of elaboration (description, details, strong verbs, examples, emotions, thoughts, imagery)  9/11 - 10/1

Narrative Events -- senses, emotions, thoughts, organization for audience and purpose

Current Event -- practice idea development and elaboration; organize

Entries: narrative power writes for idea development with word choice

Peer Interviews
Develop ideas; develop questions with audience in mind; interview; write feature with elaboration and voice for peer with image

The Giver Model -- idea elaboration: sensory images; thoughts; emotions; stop motion/snapshot

Sensory Model: imagery of sights, sounds, tastes, touch, smells, etc.

Notebook Reflections


Meaningful Object Model: Apply idea development, elaboration, voice, organization

Story Development


View/Download here.

EALR 1: The student understands and uses a writing process.

1.1 — Prewrites to generate ideas and plan writing.
1.2 — Produces draft(s).
1.3 — Revises to improve text.
1.4 — Edits text.
1.5 — Publishes text to share with an audience.
1.6 — Adjusts writing process as necessary.

EALR 2: The student writes in a variety of forms for different audiences and purposes.

2.1 — Adapts writing for a variety of audiences.
2.2 — Writes for different purposes.
2.3 — Writes in a variety of forms/genres.
2.4 — Writes for career applications.

EALR 3: The student writes clearly and effectively.

3.1 — Develops ideas and organizes writing.
3.2 — Uses appropriate style.
3.3 — Knows and applies writing conventions appropriate for the grade level.

EALR 4: The student analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of written work.

4.1 — Analyzes and evaluate others’ and own writing.
4.2 — Sets goals for improvement.