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Essential Question: What is the role of setting in historical fiction?


Think about how the setting affects the mood and conflict in our historical-fiction play Seabiscuit (ahem, Common Core Standard R3). They will also view and discuss a Scope video about the 1930s and read an editorial about why people root for underdogs like Seabiscuit. 

Skills to Learn:

Featured Skills: synthesizing key ideas from multiple texts; understanding historical fiction

Main Objectives:
• to read a historical-fiction play and understand its 1930s context
• to read an editorial about underdogs and make connections to the play
• to participate in a class discussion
• to synthesize ideas and details to respond to a writing prompt

Watch: Intro Video: 1930s


• November 12, 2012, issue of Scope  -- Seabiscuit
• digital version of Seabiscuit to project 
• video Scope Time Machine: The 1930s”
• Scope activity sheet “Video Discussion Questions”
• audio clip of 1940 radio broadcast
• Scope activity sheet “Critical-Thinking Questions”
• Scope activity sheet “Seabiscuit’s Fans” 
• contest entry form