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BEARS Practice

Take your turn to add an example relevant to the prompt on the following pages.

Introduction/Conclusion Practice

Assignment 1: Practice writing introductions after rating the body of the essay for Content, Organization, and Style.

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Listen to and read the directions.

The Cove 1

The Cove 2

The Cove 3

The Cove 4

The Cove 5

The Cove 6

Assignment 2: Practice writing conclusions after rating the introductions of the essay for Content, Organization, and Style.  Use the same directions and essays as above.

Persuasive Practice

Review: Click here.
Assignment: Click here.



A place to check your assignments and grades -- check in here to review your assignments, link to your work to turn it in, and check your progress.

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Persuasive Writing

Introduction to Persuasive Writing -- see slides 1-8

Persuasive Strategies (BEARS)    Quiz

Thesis Statements

Writing Introductions

Sample Essay

What Do You Think?

Read these two blogs: What do you think?  What would you suggest?

A Blog About Persuasive Writing in 21st Century English Class

A Blog About Persuasive Writing in 20th Century English Class

Add your response (log in required) here.


Draft Documents Requirements

W76 Requirements 0910

Genre Information: the kinds of writing you need to write

Grammar Packet 1 I: Complete in class (Extra credit if completed by 10/22)

Grammar Packet 2 I: Complete in class (Extra credit if completed by 12/14)

Writing Process Evaluation

Cover Letter for Final Drafts (Sample)


Grade 7 Practice Topics

Sentence Fluency



Grammar Packet 1 (Partner Directions): Complete in class

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