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Image How To

What images can I use?

  • Only use images for which you have permission to use; use Creative Commons images  or images in the Public Domain (see below).
  • Images of students must not contain names.
  • Images of students must be those for which permission slips have been obtained.
  • Credit for images must be included.

What are Creative Commons Images?

A Creative Commons license allows the owner to retain the copyright, but lets other people copy and distribute the work with the owner given credit, according to certain conditions chosen by the owner.

The owner can choose from these conditions: attribution, sharing, changing (derivation), and commerce. 

View the different licenses here.  A common type of license is CC 3.0 shown here.

Please use images with a Creative Commons license and provide the credit/attribution information.

Another type of license is a GNU license; originally it was created for free software, but has expanded to include text and other things.  It's license can be viewed here and here.  Its symbols are:


Public Domain images are those that have been given to the public for use. Click here for more information.

Ok, Where do I find Creative Commons Images?


Students and Staff can find images with Creative Commons Licenses in the links below.  You must verify and document the image license, the image author, and the image link to give credit to the author of the image. 

VoiceThread Flickr Group

Springfield Township High School Links to Images


Digital Images

Free Images

Torley's Flickr collection of textures

Flickr Spell



Verify and document the image license, the image author, and the image link to give credit to the author of the image.

Flickr Creative Commons
Wiki Media Commons
Compflight  (be sure you have checked "Creative Commons only"
Free Digital Photos
List of Free Foto Sites

Photo Credits:

Note: Do give credit by including the title of the picture, the author, the license, and the link to the image; credit is given from the top picture to the last picture.

Feet by klmontgomery CC
Creative Common Image  by Creative Commons
GNU images from GNU/CC  and GNU