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Google Editing Collaboration


Please help each other with write well using our suggested writing tips. We've worked together in class sharing suggestions and ideas; Google Docs offers another way to learn together. Always remember that the author makes the last decision as to what suggestions will be accepted to keep with his/her vision, theme, tone, audience, and purpose. To help each of who are authors filter through all the suggestions our collaborators offer, let's use the comment tool in the Insert Menu for all our suggestions.

As collaborators, let's follow this procedure:

To edit another person's work, remember to be "overly friendly" and positive while making suggestions as we discussed in our session on "responsible networking."


1. Edit with comments only.
2. Go to menu bar ----> insert ----->comment
3. Choose a color, if desired, but do NOT check: insert into text.  That will be the author's choice.
4. Compose your edit in the comment area.
5. If you copy/paste a portion of the author's work to edit, be sure to place it in your comment area so it is bounded by your comment box. It will enter separately like the text, but will be bordered by your comment box.
6. Remember to share what you like also.


1. Read over your comments, changing the color as a code to what you think you want to keep (green keep; yellow delete).
2. Read over your work with the suggested changes coded with your "keep" (green) color.
3. Keep the sections you want by selecting the comments and choosing "insert comment into text.  Delete the "name" section.
3. Delete comments and embedded texts as needed.
4. Finalize your document.

Let's go collaborators, and see what we can envision together.

"Writing is hard fun."  ~ Donald Murray