The Rules

1. Be safe: If you are a student you must use your code name. Follow and remember our netiquette at:
Blog Etiquette (Internet/Wiki/Blog) Reveal no personally identifying information. Keep your personal information to yourself, not publicly presented. Keep your password secure to yourself and with your teacher.

2. Be kind: Be overly friendly and positive; you must refrain from any profane, sarcastic, or unkind responses. Review the Blog Etiquette (Internet/Wiki/Blog) and purpose (below).

3. Be respectful: Since our writing work is schoolwork, school rules and expectations apply when making any references on or to this site. Remember to work on your files only; edit others' work only with permission. If someone forgets to log out, please log out for them.

4. Be productive: Make sure you communicate clearly and intelligently (no text message wording please) on a relevant topic. Remember your purpose and audience.

5. Be here: If the above criteria are met, your posts may be published; if the above criteria are not met, your posts may not be published.

Note: The views on the blogs are not necessarily those of Ms. Edwards or our school.

Rules Adapted from: The South Titan Government Blog

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An effective public education system develops students who are globally aware, civically engaged, and capable of managing their lives and careers. Students need to be proficient users of information, media, and technology to succeed in a digital world.

Blogs, wikis, and nings are electronic resources, all powerful and compelling means for students to learn core subjects and applied skills in relevant and rigorous ways. The goal to provide students with rich and ample opportunities to use technology for important purposes in schools, just as individuals in workplaces and other real-life settings. Educators and students can communicate, learn, share, collaborate and create; they learn to think and solve problems, to manage their work, and to take ownership of their lives.

Our online educational network is part of a strong electronic educational system that supports innovative teaching and learning.

Please join us in our journey to learning writing skills and responsible participation in the world of the web.

Thank you.

Adapted from OSPI Policy Suggestions

Notes: Click Here

Prevent cyberbullying: Click here.

Digital Citizenship: Click here.

Thanks to Miss Yollis' class in California for these reminders about blogging:

Blogging is Learning! from Jonah Salsich on Vimeo.

How to Compose a Quality Comment! from mrsyollis on Vimeo.

Students explain how to compose a quality blog comment. Complimenting, adding new information, making connections, and adding questions are suggested.

Notes on "Be Safe" at school (login):