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Writing 5-8

Requirements, Expectations and Checklists, Resources


Writing Considerations -- thinking, planning, organizing writing

During Reading and Writing:
Rico intro

During Writing:
Questions to ask during revision: RICO REVISION REFLECTION
You may want to consider:
PERCS: Perspective, Evidence, Relevance, Connections, Supposition

After Writing:
RICO: Reflect on how well you were able to -- Refine, Invent, Connect, Own

Consider and Reflect: Question, Reflect, Document your learning -- includes PERCS and RICO


Six Traits of Effective Writing:

Grade 7 and 8:  Persuasive Strategies: BEARS
Monitor your progress each month. Copy your shared document using your W8, W7, W6, W5 class name and your code name. Share the document with your teacher.

Learn to Type
Dance Mat Typing

Plot Elements Rap and lyrics   Free Beats to create your own writing raps.
Write a Novel in November (or anytime)
Lightning Bug Writing Resources


We practice the 5Bs.  What do these students practice? Click here to view.

Archived Requirements


Rubrics for Learning (RICO)

Notebook Checklists

Template Writing Process (Login and Save Your Copy)

Tracking: Writing Process and Writing Traits Log -- 

1. Log in to

2. Click this link for this copy     Sample

3. Go to Google Docs File ---->"Make a Copy"

4. Name as  W_ Code Log  (example: W8 Shee Log)

5. On the right, choose "Share" -----> Invite people and type/choose Shee42; Choose "add without sending invitation." Ok.  Save and close.

6. Complete one reflection on your copy each week.

Grade 5 go here.