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Read to Learn For Blogging

Goal: Share our idea with others. What do I think? What do they think?

Need: Ideas! Facts! News! History!

How: Read! Research! Take notes! Analyze! Draft

Everyday in writing class we read to learn information we can analyze to blog about on our blogs.

Here's a sample set of notes on Martin Luther King, Jr. from Scholastic News.

Can you see the main idea?  Can you see the details that support the main idea? Can you see the details that add to each supporting detail? 

These notes are ready to draft into an excellent paragraph, adding the author's own ideas and opinions: 
  • Why is this important to know? 
  • Could this happen again?
  • Why is this important to the author?
  • How has this affected the world?
  • Has anyone else had this experience?
  • What questions do you want to ask others who read your blog?