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Net Project Starts


 These are projects we may work on as needed for review of Internet Skills and for Community Building:


Wiki Roundup

Review all about formatting and saving wiki pages here on the Wiki Roundup!


Text Talks

Ideas won't keep. Something must be done about them. ~ Alfred North Whitehead

What ideas are worth keeping? Let's talk as we wonder about the world.  Click here.


Our World

Writing class has expanded to the online world.  What does this mean? How will we act and react? What are the hidden rules? Let's think about our 5B's and how WE want to be treated by others. What do we think the online world should be like? The project: Our World.


About Us

Decide your code name after your teacher gives you directions. Then link to the page that matches your computer number.  The direction and link page is here.


Who Are You?

Listen to the story, "What are athletes made of? read by your teacher. Then complete this project with a team to answer, What is your eam made of?  Who Are You?


About Me

Create a new page that is titled <class> About <code> using the "About Me" template. If your are in the W8 class and your name is Albo41, then your page will be "W8 About Albo." Follow the questions and examples on the page as directed in class. This will be your own tracking page for projects, team and individual so you know and I know what you have completed.  Be sure to put your code name in the "tag" section at the bottom of the page before you save.  For directions on creating a page, go to About Me to see the questions and start your own page.


Be a Leader

As leaders of the school community, we have been asked to create two wiki pages,  both to explain our school standards: The 5B's.  One page will explain in definitions, examples, and illustrations for intermediate students (Grades 4-8), and one page will explain in definitions, examples, and illustrations for primary students (Grades K-4).


This is an introduction to Wiki and a School Service Project.    Project: Be A Leader