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Note: iMove saves itself.

1. Import your pictures into iPhoto. Edit them. Highlight them and choose File-->New Album From Selection. Name it with yourname11. Close iPhoto.

2. Open iMovie. Choose File ---> Create New Project. Name it your name 2011 (Ray2011)

3.  Choose the camera icon.

4. Find your photos. Drag them to the project work area.

5. Order them the way you want them.

6. Edit the effects -- (choose cropping symbol in each clip and design your Ken Burns effects) -- for EACH picture.

7. Choose File --- Project Properties.  Choose Standard 4:3. Select Theme: None. Select "Automatically add ____________ [choose your transition -- cross dissolve is elegant). Click OK. Do not choose a theme -- you are building your own.

8.  Click on a clip (picture). Select the gear (settings) icon; Choose "Clip adjustments." Set the clip to 6 sec. Select "Apply to all stills.) Click Done.

9. Click on the double triangles which are the transitions between each picture. If you double click, the "Transition Adjustments" window opens. Or click and choose the settings gear to "Transition Adjustments."  Change to 1 second and Apply to all.

10. If you haven't written your script, write it now. Do not "wing" it. Write it. Use descriptions, details, action verbs. Use the power of your words to engage your viewers in your story.

11. Record each paragraph separately. Ask for earbud microphones; I have a few. Wipe them off before and after use. Choose the microphone icon. Click the picture you want to accompany your paragraph. You will be warned with sound and words when the recording starts. Stop with the spacebar. Uncheck the microphone. Listen to your words. If you don't like it, highlight it by clicking on the purple bar. Delete. 

12. If needed, extend the length of time of you clip by clicking on the clip. Choose the gear settings and clip adjustments and enter a new time in seconds.

13. Keep adding your recordings paragraph by paragraph. Otherwise, if you make a mistake at the end, you have to redo the whole thing and we don't have time to do that.

14. Add your music -- import into iTunes from a CD. Or ask Ms. Edwards. Close iTunes. Go back to iMovie.  Choose the music icon. Find your song. Drag it to the grey area and a green box will show you the length of the song. You can choose gear settings "Clip trimmer' and choose the part of the song you want. It's best to use only 20 second clips of copyrighted material. Use the garageband loops for fill and send them to iTunes (See Ms Edwards's lesson).

15. Add your titles. End with a clean uncluttered picture for Credits.

16. Double check your spelling.

17. Ask someone else to help you finalize the video.

18. Go to Share --> Media Browser --> Large-- > Publish.

You are now ready to make your DVD.