√ Wednesday, May 16th 9:00 Grade 8 Room Nespelem School
LRHS registration

√ Friday, May 18th, LRHS bus picks up students at Nespelem School for LRHS Orientation. Back by 2:00 pm.

Eighth Grade Promotion


Thursday, June 7th

4:45 Video in Library
5:00 PM Ceremony

Grand Entry
Flag Song
Student Appreciations (see below)
Honor Song


 “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West

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Graduation Speech


Appreciation Give Away Speech at Graduation


During your school years, many people have supported and encouraged you to do well.  Please think of one person who has especially helped you to succeed in school. 


Prepare a short speech to acknowledge their help and provide something to give them: a poem you wrote or one you like, something you have made in culture or at home, a small gift you purchase.


You will acknowledge this person at your graduation ceremony.


Sample speech:


I would like to thank ___________________________ for ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. 



Thank you, ___________________, for your encouragement.

High School Prep

Career Pathways

  • Arts, Media, Communication, Design = express yourself creatively; perform
  • Business, Management, Finance = organize; persuade
  • Engineering, Science, Technology = work on teams; solve problems
  • Education, Social & Health Services = help others
  • Agriculture, Science, Natural Resources = work outdoors; solve problems


Do you want to:


  • Learn what kinds of jobs or careers are in the pathway you selected?
  • Find out how much education you need?
  • Learn what you should do to prepare for high school and beyond?



I'd like the Career Pathway ______________ because:


I  would like to learn more about:




First Explore:  Use your initial ideas to learn a little about some careers-- discover some you may not have thought about here.

Career Interest Survey 1  Take Screen Shots: 1) of your totals; 2) of the next chart.  Upload to Google Docs [w8 interest1 code]

Career Interest Survey 2

Find out more:  My Careers (make a copy) -- link on doc

OOH: Search for your job information

Thinking about the past; planning for the future -- here and there

What Else Lessons  -- Follow directions from teacher as to this year's work.

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