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Make your own music background.

1. Open GarageBand ---> New Project ---> Loops.  Name it [yourname2011].band.
2. Choose "New Track" Real Instruments.
3. Choose the icon of an eye in the lower right -- see blue below.

4. Choose "Columns" icon in top right, as shown below:

5. Choose the genre of music you like, the and the kind of instrument or mood:

6.  Listen to the loops to find those you like (you might want scratch paper to jot down the titles).

7. Drag a loop you like to the track. Click on it. Choose "edit--copy" then "edit---paste."  Make sure the same size copies over. Repeat 3 time so you have four loops.  Repeat with each loop you like. End with the first loop you used, also four times.  Partial view of loops below: 
I used Acoustic Picking 13 four times (13.1, 13.2, etc.) and Strummed Acoustic (01.1, 01.2 etc.) and one more, repeating with the Acoustic Picking 13 four more times at the end.

8. Listen to your loop!

Listen to my loop by downloading the file attached below.

9. Go to Share --- Send Song to iTunes.

10. Close Garageband. 

11. Open iMovie, go to the music icon --- Garageband -- and drag your loop into the grey area of  your project.


May 8, 2011, 6:55 PM