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Daily Writing Options

The Rules: Read and review THE RULES  Add the date and your code name.

The Daily Work: Learn the daily work: Conference, Writing (Reading, Writing, Lesson) Work, Blogging Work
Complete: the Blog Topic Survey.
Blogging Work: Start with comments.
Our News Blog:  TweenTribune        Tween Tribune Directions


Evaluate your own writing for the use of our elaboration strategies. Click here to make a copy.
Partner story
A second piece of writing from this quarter


Example: Ginn p.469 Football and basketball

What could you compare and contrast?
You and your brother?
Winter and summer
friends and enemies
two movies (which is the best?)
two songs (which is the best?)

Other helps in textbooks: Write Source, 112 and 312-313; Blue Write Source, 182-185.
Choose a pair of ideas to compare and contrast using transition words. Template.

Edit Practice

Common errors occur in all your writing paragraphs.
Link to examples here.
Link to practice page here. (Make a copy of EditPractice 1)


Create your own Online Writing Notebook (OWN)
Computer Work: OWN
Sample for you to copy (login required) Sample of mine (no login)

Notebooks Lessons: Look at your To Do List
Journals: Take them home and bring them back: Write your ideas!

Elaboration Strategies

Notebook Application and Reflection 

Can you talk like a writer with your peers
because you understand these drafting elaboration strategies? 

Directions Here

Activities for Writing Class


1 -- Add two items to your Conference List --  Attach:
Title of writing on the list
The piece of writing
I learned that ________. 
I used to ____, but now I ____.
I will learn to _______ by doing _________ by (date).
2 -- Listen to or Read a Writing Lesson. Apply to your writing. (5-7 minutes)
Write for ten (10) minutes (includes mentor letter writing time). See Special Assignments below for directions.

3 -- Complete a blogging activity. 

4 -- Reading Entry Activity

By Friday:
Turn in your writing work and a blogging reflection:
Special Assignments:

Writing Work:  
  1. You choose the writing lesson with a partner from the list above. 
  2. Read. 
  3. Choose the part you learn. 
  4. Keep a log in your writing notebook on a page called "My Own Lessons." 
  5. Then practice for yourself in your writing for ten minutes. 
  6. Title your ten minute writing. 
  7. Compare with your partner. 
  8. Share with your teacher.

Blogging Work:
Make a page in your notebook to track what you are doing for your blogging work. Call it "My Blog Work." Blogging work includes: reading and commenting, researching, working on the YOTT Blog steps.

Blogging Reflection
Write a comment on Our Path about what you have learned about blogging and bloggers:
Use a prompt if you'd like. Include what you have learned about reading, writing, analyzing, composing, conversations, commenting, ideas, editing, etc.
Blogging means to ----
I learned that ----
It's easy to ----
The hardest part is ---
Something interesting is ---
My favorite part is---
I already know I want to write about ---
I want to do research on ___ so I can blog about ____
I have a question. It is ---