Bloggers: Use your net etiquette !

Choose a blog from the list below. If you have permission to comment on the blog, you may.

For your computer class OWN assignment,  use your Google Apps notebook.

How To comment:


Prewrite--Think and List:

1. Select the quote.

2. Think about the quotation.

3. Restate it in your own words.

4. List personal experiences related to the quotation.

5. Choose the experience that works best.



Draft your response:

1. Beginning: Grab the reader’s interest and restate the quote.

2. Middle: Add details of your experience.

3. End: Explain what the quote means to you – connect the quote to the experience in the middle part -- what do you think?

Blogs 2 read...

More information on How To Comment:   How To Blog/Comment


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