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Your Own Topic Time Blog

Want your own blog? Follow these  steps.

  1. Know our Internet Safety expectations. Netiquette
  2. Apply our Internet Safety expectations. Netiquette
  3. Create your own avatar.
    1. Picassohead
    2. Build Your Wild Self
  4. Comment following our guidelines.
    1. Answer class blog assignments
    2. Comment on others' comments.
    3. Comment on other blogs.
    4. Always use our Netiquette
    5. Teach someone else to comment.
    6. Document your excellent commenting skills. (Your second blog post)
    7. Reflect on your work; share with your teacher.
  5. Post on our class blog.
    1. Follow posting guidelines.
    2. Teach others how to _____ (post, add images, comment, link, etc.)
    3. Answer class assignments in posts instead of comments.
    4. Know how to write your own ideas by:
      1. researching facts
      2. analyzing facts
      3. writing your ideas
      4. citing your sources
      5. including images (cite/link)
    5. Document encouraging comments from others on your own posts.
    6. Reflect on your work; share with your teacher.
  6. Plan your blog (you may do this during steps 1-5).
    1. What will the title be?
    2. What will your topics be?
    3. Have five well-written posts ready to go.
    4. What will your design be?
    5. What will your About page say?
    6. How will you share our guidelines with your readers?
    7. Share your plan with your teacher.