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Blog Posts

A great blog post ?   

How to write one:

  • Successful bloggers leave footprints...
  • A blog conversation is your footprint...sharing ideas, considering a civil conversation in the cloud.

Bloggers press ideas for others to push around and play with, hoping that in the sharing, pushing, and playing, some common ground emerges in a diverse dialogue, linked together through a community of conversation and connections that consider new ideas and understandings. 

 It is this connection, this push and pull of ideas, that creates a powerful community of learners and citizens.

To participate, remember that you represent our school and our work, Therefore:

  1. Post and comment thoughtfully: include concise content stated well; use with citations  the text, facts, quotes, links, and images that support your ideas and opinions.
  2. Post and comment clearly: use excellent grammar, spelling, punctuation.
  3. Post and comment safely: include no personal or private information; never meet anyone in person. (See our netiquette rules).
  4. Post and comment responsively
    1. listen to the ideas of others in articles, blogs, and comments; 
    2. play politely with their ideas to understand them; 
    3. publish your interpretation with citations of your evidence to the original ideas; 
    4. encourage dialogue and debate with questions; consider the questions of others; 
    5. accept alternative viewpoints.
  5. Post and comment respectfully: be overly positive; agree on specific ideas; disagree politely with ideas; be a global citizen participating in civil conversations that respects the dignity of others and their ideas.
  6. Post and comment consistently: read to understand the blogger and the commenters; post to respectfully continue the conversation.
  • Step safely.