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Blog Activities Checklist

This is what we have done:

1) Practiced paper blogging on our own work.
2. Reviewed Internet Guidelines   etiquette  THE RULES (add your code name and date)
2) Learned how to comment, and practiced how to comment.
3) Discovered how to  blog:
How do we blog?
Read these student blogs to learn how blogging works. Eagles Write
Notes: Who's blog?  The Title? What is their topic? Their Main idea? Their Suggestion? What did you learn about blogging?
4. Started the Edublogs Class Blog Challenge
5. Blog Challenge 1 A B C
A: Why should people visit our blog?  Answer here.
B: Should we change/add/delete anything on our About page?  Answer here.
C: What interesting blogs did we visit?  Go here  or Click here to yours:  8W     7W      6W       5W
6. During step 5, we commented on others blogs. Shared here.