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Antarctica:  Studies in Life

Courtesy of Jeff Bowman which also links to this site has some great video and info this activity is targeted to high school students, and is quite involved, but the background information contained in it is useful in general this website has great info for educators, this page has good info on climate change.  I don’t like some of the language, it’s perhaps a little pushy if there are students uncomfortable with the concept of climate change, but might be suitable for a classroom. is a nice essay that might be suitable for middle school students with a bit of coaching.  It speaks pretty directly toward the work we are doing on this trip. is a very nice article in Mother Jones that might be easier for middle school students, and ties climate change in nicely with some of our work.

Looking forward to talking with your class. 


Our Work:
Antarctica 1 2 3 4 5 + begins here.

Science Assignment here.