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Learning Goals Home -- What's New Weekly Assignment Focus


Key Ideas and Details



Nano Survey

Rachel didn't PLAN to be kind, she just knew what kindness was and practiced it.
What are acts of kindness? Let's build a list.
Click on the link above and add your ideas.

State Report

State Report Information

speak up survey

November Grade 7 & 8

Genius Project

Exhibit and Evaluate: 

Blog Format -- your documentation

Create -- an informative presentation for others to learn from you

Genius Project Goals

Document Process and Product -- make a copy



How to Take Notes    Rubric for Notes 

Source/Notes/Summary    Example of Notes

Session 2 Prep

After research, the report. The report explains your question, your process of searching and taking notes, and your final conclusions.  iSearch Template


Election Learning and Writing

How to create an effective presentation

Grades Seven and Eight: Slavery Today

Grade 8


Since we do not identify ourselves with a photo, and we still want a PICTURE that represents who we are, we create an image that represents us, and "avatar."   Are you ready?  Avatar

The Rules: Read and review

 THE RULES  Add the date and your code name.

The Daily Work: Learn the daily work: Conference, Writing (Reading, Writing, Lesson) Work, Blogging Work
Complete: the Blog Topic Survey.
Blogging Work: Start with comments.


Workshop Expectations

Rico intro

Coming Soon

Digital Citizenship

Review Netiquette: 4Bs

Prevent Bullying
Facts from Teens here
Links pdf here
Real Life Stories here
Safe Youth here
Student BitStrips here  Read them; Find the one you like, and explain why here in a comment.

Ealr Report     EALRS      OSPI EALRS

Class Comic Gallery

Diigo Bookmarking: Required Strategies  Be sure to add the Diigolet toolbar to any browser you   use: Toolbar   Diigo Guide: Learn to -- Bookmark, Highlight, Sticky Note,  Hide Sticky Note,  tag, list, group.  Diigo Info

Conference Preparation   Writing Process Evaluation
Make a copy; Add your code name and information; share with Shee Teacher.

Blog Post Project Assignment with EALRs and Reflection

Review 5Bs Netiquette with Flashcards

Reading for a task

RC 3.2.1 Read to perform a task

RC 2.1.6 Questions / Answers to perform a task

 PPP Reflections - prompts

Response Form

Blog Starters

Review your PPP science notes.  Think about these questions:

How did you choose your topic?
Why did you choose your topic?
How did you research it?
What are the main things you learned about:
  • the process of search and research
  • facts on your topic
What questions do you still have?
How do you connect to your topic? What issue about your topic relates to you or your community or the world?
How could you find out more?

Write your blog post in Google Docs to answer those questions.

Ask a peer to comment on your Google Doc. Is it ready and interesting to post?

Follow comment guidelines.

Writing Review

Revision: 6 Steps


How do we SHOW rather than just TELL when we explain our ideas?


Question: What do fifth grade students need to know and be able to do to work safely and productively with Google Apps?    Questions 2     Questions 3        Questions 4              Questions 5   

Our Answers

1. Why
2. How We Use GA (Presentation)

Name W6 GA Code       Always name: Class Topic Code
Share                                Always share with the teacher
Pics4 Projects                Always use Creative Commons or Public Domain pictures and 
                                            Always cite your sources
Explain how you use Google Apps and Why you like using them

Reflection:  Critical Incident Report  Listen to directions; make a copy; share with teacher -- put in project folder.

Research Strategies

Use Diigo to take notes. See Strategies

Remember our usual questions:
RC1.3.2: What vocabulary did you learn and explain to others?
RC2.1.3 What is the main idea and supporting details?
RA2.3.1 What are the reasons for your decision? What cause / effect helped you decide?
RCT2.4.5 What conclusions did you make based on your evidence? What generalization could you make after your research?
New Questions
RA2.4.3 How do you evaluate the information to know it is accurate and valid, from a reliable source?
RCT3.1.1 How do you choose the best -- most relevant --ideas and details to answer your the essential question?

Grade 6:News articles click here.

All About Paragraphs Review: How To and Expectations (No paragraph should be less than eight sentences in non-fiction writing.) 

All About Elaboration

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