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Election 12

Election Learning and Writing

Each day: learn, think, reflect about our governmental process.  Write a blog post about what you learn. We will play games, read, and discuss the two-party system. You will form groups and create your own platform. Our goal is to learn about our government, political parties, and political party platforms (see Big Idea and Essential Questions below).

Second: Pro-Con quiz on your ideas and the candidates -- start thinking about the issues.

Big Idea

Our Government was founded upon basic principles articulated in the Charters of Freedom (the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights). The purpose of our constitutional government is to protect the rights of individuals and promote the greater good; and the powers of our government are limited, and organized by a division of powers among the legislative, executive and judicial branches, and between cities, states and the nation.

Essential Questions for Students

  • Why are government and politics necessary?
  • What are political parties and platforms?
  • What purpose do political parties and platforms serve?
  • How do political parties and platforms impact the electoral process?
  • How does the American political system provide for choice and opportunities for participation?

Our lessonsNational Student Mock Elections for Middle School.  I will guide you through.

Our resources: 
Handout  (Or my copy here )

My District -- find your district.

Check out official political party websites or local offices to learn more 
about their platforms.

Platforms and Issues  -- no log in required !

What do the Democratic and Republic parties believe, support, and oppose?

Democrats –  Go to issues for summary statements on each.   Democratic Platform

Republicans –   You will find summary statements of issues and a link to the Republican Platform:

  • English Language Arts: Reading, Informational Text (RI6.1, RI7.1, RI8.1)
  • English Language Arts: Speaking & Listening, Comprehension and Collaboration, and Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas (SL6.1,6.4,6.5, SL7.1, 7.4, SL8.1, 8.4)
  • English Language Arts: Writing, Research to Build and Present Knowledge (W6.7, W7.7, W8.7)